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Bacterial processes in the depths of oceans could help to develop efficient solar cells

Deep sea

Nature is always a good source of inspiration for not only artists but also for scientists. It helped a lot in getting the best results. Now the researchers from University of Cambridge have used another natural phenomenon to make advancements in the field of solar energy utilization.

Researchers have studied the light capturing properties of the proteins of the Green Sulfur Bacteria, which are usually found in depths, sometimes below 2 kilometers, in oceans where light reaches in minute amounts. In some cases, these bacteria have the ability to utilize the 100% of the tiny amount of light by photosynthesis to produce electricity. Continue reading

New Solar unit distribution scheme of Punjab Government; News from Darya Khan

About the Contributor: Ikram Nasir Paracha is correspondant from Darya Khan, Distt. Bhakkar.

Solar panels

Punjab Govt. has started a new scheme of distributing free solar units, which are helpful for generating electricity from solar energy, in the

students. This scheme comes after the scheme of distributing laptops in the students of the colleges and universities.

According to this new scheme, 3,00,000 solar units will be distributed to all the students of Punjab province, who will get 70% or more numbers in the annual exams of Ninth class. According to the sources, one solar unit costs from Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 25,000. This amount will be paid by the government. Energy department has prepared the strategy for this scheme and tenders will be called soon.