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Fragrant messages from smartphones – Start of in-built fragrance sending technology

 Product to produce scents upon messages (source: Scentee)

Scentee, a Japanese tech brand, has launched a product that can be attached to smartphone and produces scent upon receiving a message while utilizing a companion app in the iPhone/Android operated phone.

This product is a bubble like accessory with an LED light and can be turned off for social network notification, text or alarm. It has also the property to be synced to the multiple games. Continue reading

Global mobile phone sales declined last year while the Q4 12 showed record sales of smartphones – Gartner report

Samsung mobile

Worldwide mobile phone sales have been declined by 1.7% from 2011 to 2012. However, there was a record sale of smartphones in the Q4 2012, i.e. the sale of 207.7 million units, which is up 38.3% from the same period in the same quarter last year.

“The last time the worldwide mobile phone market declined was in 2009,” said Anshul Gupta, principal research analyst at Gartner. “Tough economic conditions, shifting consumer preferences and intense market competition weakened the worldwide mobile phone market this year.”

About 52% of the worldwide smartphone market is in the hands of Apple and Samsung. It is up from 46.4% from Q3 2012. Overall, Samsung is at No. 1 position in the global smartphone sales and the overall mobile phone sales. Continue reading

iPhone 5 and other recent smartphones are Europe’s “hungriest” data consumers in 2012

iPhone 5 users are the top most data consumers in Europe utilizing on average more than four times the amount of a person still using iPhone 3G, according to the mobile data analysis firm Arieso. The firm examined more than 1 million smartphone users on European 3G networks over a 24 hour period to calculate the data demand.

According to the report, newer generation of smartphones, tablets and the medium devices known as phablets, are increasingly putting a pressure on 3G mobile networks with smartphones outpacing tablets in data consumption.


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Smartphone would soon become a past

Most appreciated smartphones will soon become a feature of near-past, according to a tech industry analyst. Most probably, phone-cum-tablets known as phablets, will take the place of the smartphones.

“I think we are entering a post-smartphone era,” Shawn DuBravac, chief economist at the Consumer Electronics Association, told journalists ahead of Tuesday’s opening of the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

smartphones would soon be replaced by other tech devices (Credit: Gizmodo)

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Fulton’s technology to charge the phone and tablet wirelessly

Fulton has introduced the technology to share the power of the tablets with the phones i.e. it works as a wireless charging mat for the phone. Fulton is already working on the wireless charging and introducing such technology at CES for years.

This year Fulton is going to introduce the technology, so that the Qi-compatible phones will be charged by attaching it to the tablet back-to-back. Among many of the Qi mobile phones that can use such wireless power technology includes Google Nexus 4, HTC Droid DNA, and Nokia Lumia 920 and 820.

Fulton has developed the technology to charge the phones and tablets wirelessly (Credit: Fulton)

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