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Apple would introduce Xbox-like 3D sensing technology in its future devices

 3D (Credit: Bart/Flickr)

Apple has recently agreed to acquire Israel’s PrimeSense Ltd., in a deal of about $350 Million after months of speculation indicating the company’s thinking of use of PrimeSense’s technology in its devices. PrimeSense is the manufacturer of chips enabling 3D machine sensing, so that it could detect movements and objects in space, and then translates that into depth and color. Continue reading

Outlook.com crossed 60 million users in 6 months and will soon take place of Hotmail.com

Microsoft has recently announced that Outlook.com, webmail service from Microsoft, has gone beyond the mark of 60 million users in just six months. Moreover, the company has also removed the “preview” tag from the service and beginning to switch the Hotmail users to the updated Outlook.com, a process that would be completed by the summer this year. The company planned last year to end the Hotmail service. The users after moving to the new service will retain their hotmail.com email address.

Outlook.com logo

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Microsoft’s Kinect game controller could save $30 billion of U.S. healthcare annually

Kinect for Xbox

Researchers have estimated that the Microsoft Kinect game controller could save $30 billion of U.S. healthcare annually by increasing the remote interaction of the physicians and other healthcare staff with the patients.

This report has been published in the International Journal of Electronic Finance.

In the study, researchers noted that the patients’ transport costs living at considerable distances from suitable hospitals and health centers could be reduced by using their proposed Kinect system. Moreover, the chances of hospital-acquired infections could also be reduced. Continue reading

Microsoft is planning to release a Linux version of Office in 2014

Office for Linux (Credit: ExtremeTech)

Microsoft is planning to launch a full Linux Version of Office in 2014 as reported by ExtremeTech. According to ExtremeTech, the rumors of the Linux version of Office started last weekend at FOSDEM, the open source conference held annually in Brussels.

This sudden plan to work on Linux platform has been thought to be due to “commercial viability” of Linux. Microsoft has also planned to launch a version of Office for Android, which is a Linux-based operating system, to work on mobile devices. Continue reading

Apple is still leading the Tablet market with a good position in the world

iPad sale is still on top (Credit: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg)

Apple’s iPad (in all forms), although has lost some of the market share, but remained on top in the fourth quarter of 2012, according to IDC.

Apple showed 43.6% of market share for that quarter, shipping 22.9 million tablets. Although, it is a good percentage but still the company found the loss of 6.8% of market share in the case of iOS tablets. Samsung is on second position with the shipment of 7.9 million units of tablets, in all its forms, accounting for 15.1% of market share. Samsung found 263% of year-on-year growth.

Considering other companies; Amazon shipped 6 million tablets and got 11.5% of market share, ASUS got 5.8% of market share, Barnes and Noble got 1.9% of market share in the top five positions while 22.1% of total tablet sales are attributed to the other manufacturers including Microsoft’s Surface tablet.

You can see that even the combined market share of Samsung, Amazon, ASUS and Barnes & Noble is less than the Apple’s market share. Continue reading