A laptop, a radio-unit and a battery that’s all you need to jam LTE services across much of a city

LTEResearchers have found that rapidly spreading high-speed LTE (Long-term evolution) networks could easily be jammed with a low-cost battery-operated transmitter that could disturb 4G phone network service across much of a city.

“Picture a jammer that fits in a small briefcase that takes out miles of LTE signals—whether commercial or public safety,” said Jeff Reed, director of the wireless research group at Virginia Tech.

Jamming the 4G service is relatively easy to do but to defend against it is slightly difficult as added by Reed. If the hacker adds an inexpensive power amplifier, he can dismiss the service in an even bigger area. Although, 3G and 2G networks still operate upon compromise of LTE networks but those older networks would also gradually stop working.

Reed and Marc Lichtman, a research assistant, presented the susceptibilities of attacking the service in a filing to the National Telecommunications and Information Administration last Thursday, which advises the White House on telecom and information policy. Read More …

Clearwire and Qaulcomm have joined hands for LTE services


ClearWire has announced that the company has expanded its LTE choices to North America. Qualcomm has announced to add support “for Clearwire’s upcoming LTE TDD network to its line of multi-mode LTE chipsets with the inclusion of support for 3GPP’s Band 41 (B41) radio frequency.”

“The growth of LTE networks and services is closely tied to device manufacturers’ ability to develop and commercialize cost-efficient LTE devices,” said Steve Mollenkopf, president and chief operating officer, Qualcomm. “By adding support for the B41 band to our LTE chipsets, in combination with providing support for other LTE bands, Qualcomm is enabling OEMs to design cost-competitive devices and offer them in multiple geographies.” Read More …

O2 trials on LTE, high speed mobile broadband technology

O2 has started a trial of the “4G” mobile broadband technology, Long Term evolution (LTE), in London as said by operator on Monday.4G

O2 is the Britain’s 2nd largest operator with 22 million customers.

It is nine month testing that will run from now to summer of 2012. This testing will be done in the areas of maximum usage like Canary Wharf, Kings Cross, Westminster, Soho and the South Bank. It will involve more than 25 base stations and in this way O2 will become a first operator to conduct a live trial of LTE. Read More …