Apple Inc. has broken all records of business in its history in the fourth quarter of 2011

Apple logo (3D)

Apple Inc. has reported that it has seen the mind-blowing sales of iPhone, iPad and Mac in the fourth quarter of 2011, the first in its fiscal year. It is the first reporting quarter after the death of Steve Jobs, former CEO of Apple. Moreover, this quarter has been reported as the best quarter in the history of Apple Inc. and has exceeded the Wall Street expectations.

Apple has contributed the doubling of its profits in the fourth quarter to the sales of iPhone 4S. Apple has reported on Tuesday that it had sold more than 37 million iPhones in the last three months of the previous year. This sale is 128% more than the company sold in the fourth quarter of previous year. Sales of iPhone accounted for almost 53% of Apple’s revenue. The company has sold 15.43 million iPads and 5.2 million Macs during that quarter. Read More …

First untethered Jailbreak is now available for iPhone 4S and iPad 2


The Chronic Dev Team and pod2g have released the first untethered jailbreak for the iPhone 4S and iPad 2.

“Ten months ago, I myself was live tweeting from a tediously long line at the nearest Apple retail store, where I anxiously waited to become one of the world’s first owners (& hackers) of the newly-released iPad 2,” writes the Chronic Dev Team. Read More …