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Microsoft has launched new Office Suite of applications

A Microsoft Office logo is shown on display at a Microsoft retail store in San Diego (Credit: Reuters/Mike Blake)Microsoft Corp. has launched the new Office Suite of applications including desktop staples Outlook email, Excel charts, Word and PowerPoint for the consumers after spending two and a half years in its making.

“The notion of an always up-to-date streaming version of Office comes directly from how people are using devices today,” Kurt DelBene, head of Microsoft’s Office unit, said to Reuters.

Consumers, after downloading the basic programs online, can use all Office applications with five devices on a subscription of $100 a year. This new office has been launched to work in competition with the popular online-only Office style applications by Google, which are available free for home users but for businesses, available for $50 per year.

Microsoft’s SkyDrive online storage system and the company’s OneNote note-taking software are now present as iPad apps and iPad users can use limited Web versions of some Office applications. Although iPad availability of the Office applications is a demanded thing but it would decrease the market of the company’s own Surface tablet. The Office 365 works only with Windows 7 and Windows 8 but not with Windows XP. It has several new productivity features including editing PDFs in Word: Excel tweaks for faster chart making, and enhanced presented mode in PowerPoint. Continue reading Microsoft has launched new Office Suite of applications

Apple’s quarterly earnings grabbed the top spot in the history of the world

Apple has recently released the financial results for the first quarter (Q1) 2013 representing about $54.5 billion in revenues and a quarterly net profit of $13.1 billion or $13.81 per diluted share.

This $54.5 billion is on the top of the “Largest Corporate Annual Earnings of All Time” while $13.1 billion in earnings this quarter has been referred to as the 4th largest of all time. Apple has taken the top spot from ExxonMobil, who held the top three spots until this quarter.

Apple quarterly earnings are record high

Continue reading Apple’s quarterly earnings grabbed the top spot in the history of the world

Free E-books by NASA about famous Space Telescopes

iPad E-book screenshot (Credit: NASA / Hubblesite)NASA has recently released two new Interactive E-books on the Apple’s store for iPad and for computers in non-interactive PDF form.

These books are written on a high-school level and the names of the books are as follows:

  • Hubble Space Telescope: Discoveries
  • Webb Space Telescope: Science Guide

Hubble Space Telescope is working for more than 20 years and gave most of the interesting and important information. The book on the Hubble Space Telescope gives information ranging from dark energy to the colliding galaxies. On the other hand, NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope would unhide more of the mysteries of the universe. It is the Hubble’s successor and the book on this Telescope explores the future of the astronomy.

“These new e-books from NASA will allow people to discover Hubble and Webb in a whole new way—both the science and the technology behind building them,” said Amber Straughn, astrophysicist on the Webb telescope project at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md. “They collect all of the amazing resources about these two observatories in an excellent product that I think people will really enjoy.” Continue reading Free E-books by NASA about famous Space Telescopes

Brewster, iOS contact app, comes to Europe

iPhone screenshot (Credit: Brewster)Brewster, the smart contacts app on iOS devices, launched in U.S. in July is now available in Europe. This app saw a huge rush of downloads that was “way beyond” the expectation about Brewster in U.S.

Steve Greenwood, founder and CEO of Brewster, said that he wanted to see whether the app could handle increased demand or not and that was the reason for not launching the app in U.S. and Europe together.

This app is built with the concept of managing contacts across different social networks, your phone and your email. The app aggregates and merges all the contacts from whatever the source you want and make connections on other users’ activity. In this way, it would become a centralized address book enabling the users to access those other networks.

This app could incorporate social networks with email. Users are able to find people by their names, interests, locations, and photos, if the other users  have them and make it public.

Brewster was updated earlier this month to make it, in Greenwood’s words, “smarter, faster and more beautiful.” Continue reading Brewster, iOS contact app, comes to Europe

iPad mini will be launched in early November; Rumors

iPad mini mockupApple Inc. is going to send invitations for its iPad mini, a smaller and cheaper version of iPad, through emails on October 10 as reported in a rumor by CNNMoney from the unnamed sources and the major Apple investor.

“This is a rumor we have no reason to believe expect it comes from a major Apple investor who says he’s heard it from ‘multiple sources,'” wrote Philip Elmer-DeWitt.

The event of the new product is estimated for October 17 and the launch day of the new iPad is set to be on November 2, Friday.

“That timing is fine for the holidays,” said Brian White, an analyst with Topeka Capital Markets. “And the timing is within the ballpark that people were thinking.”

“I think that’s late, but not terribly late,” said, Ezra Gottheil, of Technology Business Research, of the projected Nov. 2 sale date. “Ideally, you’d like to have a product in place for at least a quarter prior, so that you can tap people who are making decisions long before they buy.”

This new iPad is also referred to as iPad air by some and is expected to have a 7.85 inch screen. Its price is thought to lie between $249 and $299.

Investment firm Jefferies also expects the launch of iTV in the first quarter of 2013 based on the launching date of the iPad mini.

Revival of Einstein’s brain on iPad

Screenshot for a slice of the brain on iPad app

Albert Einstein is the famous name in the world of science especially in physics and now you can study the brain of this famous personality on an iPad app, NMHMC Harvey – National Museum of Health + Medicine Chicago, in just $9.99. This app is of 0.5MB in size. It is not necessary whether you are a scientist or not, you can study the genius’s brain as the app has included the detailed images of the brain. Continue reading Revival of Einstein’s brain on iPad

Google’s YouTube official app has been launched for iPhone and iPod touch

YouTube app screenshot

Google has just released the official YouTube app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad (which would be more optimized by the time), which has been built by the YouTube engineers. This app is available free of cost at the store, the size of this app is 7.5 MB and is available in more than 50 languages. This app came after the removal of the built-in YouTube app from the latest iOS 6 Beta. Continue reading Google’s YouTube official app has been launched for iPhone and iPod touch

Facebook has updated its camera app to add photos to the album of choice

Facebook Camera app updated

Facebook has released an update to the camera app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch on Tuesday, August 28. This app has notifications about new tags, “likes” or comments appearing in the news feed. This app comes with the ability to not only create photo albums but also to add photos to any album of choice. Previously, all photos, when uploaded by the app, went into the Mobile Uploads album by default. Continue reading Facebook has updated its camera app to add photos to the album of choice