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Light is important for eye development in the womb of the mother

Fetus shown in the eye

Researchers have found that light plays an important role in the normal eye development in fetus during pregnancy.

This research has been published online in the journal Nature.

This research has been done on the mouse model and is interesting as it tells that the eye not only depends on light to see but also requires light to develop normally even before birth.

“This fundamentally changes our understanding of how the retina develops,” study co-author Richard Lang, PhD, a researcher in the Division of Pediatric Ophthalmology at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, said in a statement. “We have identified a light-response pathway that controls the number of retinal neurons. This has downstream effects on developing vasculature in the eye and is important because several major eye diseases are vascular diseases.” Continue reading

Play “EyeWire” game to help researchers in new discoveries about neural connections in the eye

A team of researchers from MIT and Max Planck has launched EyeWire on December 10th that is an online game not only allowing the users to check for the neural connections in the retina of the eye but also help the researchers the complete the mapping of the retinal functions in the visual perception and making new discoveries.

Through this project, researchers will be able to map the projections of the retinal cells called as JAM-B cells, which are the first retinal ganglion cells renowned on the basis of molecular marker — a protein called ‘Junctional Adhesion Molecule B’ (JAM-B). These cells react particularly to the upward motion that appears downward due to the inverted images.

 J cells are among the first types of retinal neurons to be genetically controlled

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Text messages from mobile and images directly on the contact lens in the eye

Contact lens display technology (Credit: IMEC)

Researchers from Ghent University’s centre of microsystems technology in Belgium have developed a technology that will show the text messages from a mobile phone and other such information directly on the contact lens worn in the human eye.

Researchers have made a spherical curved LCD display that can be integrated into the contact lenses and show images by means of wireless technology.

“Now that we have established the basic technology, we can start working towards real applications, possibly available in only a few years,” Prof. Herbert De Smet, who is supervising CMST’s display group, said in a statement. Continue reading