Beautiful little world in a test tube

Micro Matter - Opening Image (Source:

Micro Matter (Source:

Rosa de Jong is a freelance creative from Amsterdam. She has a design studio Micro Matter, and likes to work on the development of miniature worlds and landscapes with unbelievable details. She uses simple tools and processes such as twigs and moss, recycled cardboards, knife, ruler, toothpicks, tweezers, and glue to develop microworks, which look like having no effect of gravity after full development. According to de Jong, most important step is that of patience in the development of little world in a test tube. Continue reading

Some interesting facts about locksmithing

Door knob (Credit: rocketjim54/Flickr)

Locksmithing is an art that combines different skills such as that of carpenter, mechanic, machinist, and security expert. Locksmiths usually install and repair locks and they have an essential skill of lock picking.

Many commonly used locks can be opened with the help of a drill, bolt cutters, or a hydraulic jack. Several guides can be found on internet related to locksmithing as for example in WikiBooks here ( Continue reading

Anamorphic sculptures look logical in reflection

Hand in the reflection (Credit: Jonty Hurwitz)

Jonty Hurwitz , an artist, has developed something that looks just an abstract piece of art on standing but if you will see it in the reflections of a cylinder-shaped mirror, you will come to know something not abstract, something you can see in real life.

Hurwitz has a keen interest in both art and physics. He used a series of mathematical algorithms to develop distorted 3D scans of objects than fabricated them into the anamorphic sculptures, the concept of which dates back to 1500s.

“There is also a lot of hand manipulation to make it all work properly, too,” Hurwitz tells Colossal, “as spacial transformations have a subtle sweet spot which can only be found by eye.”

You can see the examples of a frog or a floating hand.