Amazon has opened its doors for International distribution of Mobile Apps

Amazon appstore for Android

Amazon has planned to launch European Appstore with the help of which developers can start submitting apps for many of the European Countries including Germany, France, Italy and Spain. Developers can visit Amazon Mobile App Distribution Portal. Moreover, developers around the world can submit from today. These apps will be internationally distributed later this year. Read More …

Microsoft’s Kinectimals is the first game to be launched on Android

KinectimalsMicrosoft’s Kinectimals has been launched on Android after Windows phone platforms and iOS devices. Kinecitmals is the first game by Microsoft to be launched on Android. However, it comes after the launch of Xbox Live app for Android by Microsoft.

This is like the other versions in which you have to make your pets, play with them and generally gaze enraptured at their squishy paws. The app will enable to unlock five more animals on your console, if the you have already the game on Xbox 360. Read More …

An Android app to help you write the texts like a British monarch

SwiftKey Screenshot

SwiftKey is an app for Android devices that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to give royal touch to emails, texts, and tweets by suggesting, correcting or predicting the words, which are most commonly used by the British monarch. This has been done in celebration of the Queen Elizabeth’s 60-year reign, so that the users will be able to use Queen’s English.

“One of the core strengths of the technology is that we are able to take any kind of text and build what we call a language module,” explained Dr. Ben Medlock, co-founder of British company SwiftKey.

“It solves a probabilistic problem which is ‘what is the person most likely to say next’?”

The module in this technology has been developed by using Queen’s speeches since her coronation in 1952. It helps in maintaining the positive tone in communications and avoiding informal contractions such as ‘it’s’ in favor of the more formal ‘it is’. Read More …