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Google is now, probably, allowing all the developers to respond to the comments

Android Jellybean (Credit: Android)

Google has integrated the developers’ response property to the users’ comments and reviews on their apps in Google Play.

Last year in the month of June, Google allowed the “top” developers – developers with the top developer badges – to reply to the comments and now the company has opened the option for all the developers as reported by Droid-life. The blog has shown a screenshot (shown below) from Dave Kover — the developer behind a range of design-focused apps – who found that he was able to answer the comments despite, he is not among the Google Play’s top developers. Continue reading

Facebook Pages Manager app for Android

Facebook Pages Manager app for Android quietly comes in the U.S. and the U.K. Now the Facebook Page admins can access and manage the same features, such as Page activity, checking for Page Insights, and provide answers to the posts by their audiences, in these two countries on Android as they can access on iOS equivalent.

OS version of Pages Manager was launched in May 2012. More than 3 million page owners have Facebook mobile app for iOS to access and manage their pages, according to Inside Facebook. Since May 2012, Facebook has updated the app many times with minimum six major updates.

Facebook Pages Manager app for Android (Credit: Facebook/Google Play)

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Facebook has updated its messenger app with voice-messaging ability

FB messenger logoFacebook has integrated the voice sending technology in its messenger app in smartphones in both the iOS and Android . Not only will this but the users also be able to phone their friends (though it is in trial at this time).

This update to the app came on Thursday. After this update, there will be an option to record and send voice messages up to a minute in length to the friends. Tapping the “+” button then holding the “record” button will help the users to record a message whereas releasing the button immediately sends the message. On the other hand, sliding the finger off the button cancels the message. Continue reading