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College Students Drive, Ride After Marijuana, Alcohol Use

Main Point: Underage college students are likely to drive after using marijuana or drinking alcohol, and they also are likely

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Web-based Alcohol Screening Program Shows Limited Effect Among University Students

Main Points: Among university students in New Zealand, a web-based alcohol screening and brief intervention program produced a modest reduction

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Community action not enough to reduce problem drinking and related harms

Main Points: Implementation of community-based interventions alone is unlikely to be effective for reducing most alcohol-related harms and risky alcohol

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Alcohol is the third leading cause of global burden of disease and injury

Alcohol became the third leading cause of the global burden of disease and injury, in spite of the fact that

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Alcohol increases the chances of cancer and cancer-related deaths

Researchers have found that alcohol use resulted in about 4% of all cancer deaths in the world. This research has

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Teenagers troubled their lives through hand sanitizer

In Los Angeles, about six teenagers were taken to emergency as they drink cheap liquid hand sanitizers to get drunk.

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