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Why I like StumbleUpon?

Stumbleupon Banner

StumbleUpon is a kind of discovery engine that can help in finding and recommending contents to its users on the basis of their likeness for certain interests. It is a social bookmarking site and users can save links to interesting articles for later use or reference. Its technology is very interesting as it is using a toolbar to take its users to other interesting sites. It has changed its icon but it is still StumbleUpon. Continue reading Why I like StumbleUpon?

You can guess soccer player’s game with his face

Soccer (Credit:  Charis Tsevis/Flickr)
Soccer (Credit: Charis Tsevis/Flickr)

Main Points:

Soccer player’s face can help in predicting the performance of the player on the field. It can also show the tendency of players towards goals as well as fouls during the game. Continue reading You can guess soccer player’s game with his face