Buzzy Application Can Reduce Post-Injection Pain of Intramuscular Injection in Patients

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Main Points:

Intramuscular injections (IM) are associated with causing a certain degree of pain to the recipient at the injection site. IM injections can trigger pain, which makes many patients fear receiving the treatment. Hence, it decreases the patient’s willingness and satisfaction among patients to initiate and continue treatment with IM injection. Şahin and Eser (2018) utilized the technique of buzzy device to overcome the issue of post-injection pain of IM parenteral. 

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Pain Management Nursing

Study Further:

Şahin and Eser (2018) conducted a single blind randomized controlled trial in 65 patients where Diclofenac sodium injection was administered intramuscularly in research subjects. Buzzy device has the potential to alleviate the pain, reduce the fear, and anxiety of patients. The pain alleviation effect of buzzy devices led the researcher to conduct the study and study its effect on IM injection associated pain. It combines distraction, vibration, and cold therapy to lessen the sensation of pain. The subjects were divided into two groups on the basis of age and gender. The data was collected using the Visual Analog Scale (VAS) and Patient Information Form. The VAS was used as a parameter to evaluate the status of injection satisfaction and pain intensity in the patients. SPSS 20.0 was used to analyze the data of the control and experimental groups. Researchers concluded that scores for injection satisfaction maximized in the experimental group, whereas post-injection pain intensity decreased. Nurses adopting the buzzy technique in their practice can provide better quality of care to patients, leading to improved compliance.  


Şahin, M., & Eşer, İ. (2018). Effect of the buzzy application on pain and injection satisfaction in adult patients receiving intramuscular injections. Pain Management Nursing19(6), 645-651.

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