Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) – Pharmaceutical Sciences – 2

Which of the following is true for the zero order reactions?

1. t1/2 = 0.005C/k0

2. t1/2 = 0.5C/d

3. t1/2 = 0.5C/k0

4. t1/2 = 5C x k0

In ____________ order reactions, the formula for half-life is t1/2 = 0.693/k:

1. Zero order kinetic reaction

2. Third order kinetic reaction

3. Second order kinetic reaction

4. First order kinetic reaction

The renal drug elimination process, secretion, is carried out in __________ part of nephron:

1. Distal tubule

2. Proximal tubule

3. Glomerulus

4. All of these

Filtration is an important step of renal drug elimination process. It is carried out through passive transport and is influenced by __________:

1. Protein binding

2. Urinary pH and flow

3. Competitive inhibitors

4. None of these

If Cl (drug) / Cl (insulin) is <1 then in such a condition:

1. Drug is secreted actively

2. Drug is filtered only

3. Drugs is reabsorbed partially

4. Both 2 and 3

The plasma protein concentration diseases in the renal disease due to ______:

1. Reduced protein synthesis

2. Increased protein catabolism

3. Engulfing of protein

4. Excessive elimination of protein

Which of the following tissue group belongs to the highly perfused blood supply?

1. Heart, muscle, brain, kidney

2. Brain, bone, muscle

3. Tendon, ligament, brain, heart

4. Bone, adipose tissue and brain

When warfarin and cimetidine are administered in the patient then the possible drug interaction would be:

1. Prothrombin time prolongation

2. Rapid prognosis with amnesia

3. Prothrombin time decreases

4. None of these

Identify the transport of drug gabapentin:

1. p-glycoprotein efflux

2. Oligopeptide transporter

3. Amino acid transporter

4. Phosphate transporter

Which of the following physiochemical property is optimally necessary for the solubility and stability factors during the drug product design?

1. Hygroscopicity

2. Excipient interaction

3. pka and pH profile

4. Polymorphism

The variation in the pharmacodynamics activity of the isomers is reflected by the presence of _________:

1. Large particle size

2. Chirality

3. Hygroscopicity

4. High partition coefficient

Which of the following excipients function as lubricant in solid drug products?

1. Magnesium stearate

2. Talc

3. Hydrogenated vegetable oil

4. Hydroxy propyl methylcellulose

Dibasic calcium phosphate is the excipient that is used in the solid drug products as ________:

1. Granulating agent

2. Diluent

3. Disintegrant

4. Lubricant

Identify the thixotropic suspending agent from the following:

1. Xanthan gum

2. Veegum

3. Both 1 and 2

4. Sesame oil

Which of the following USP apparatus is used for the dissolution of extended release drug products?

1. Apparatus 1(Rotating basket)

2. Apparatus 2 (Paddle)

3. Apparatus 3 (Reciprocating cylinder)

4. Apparatus 4 (Flow cell)

Which of the following is the USP apparatus 5?

1. Reciprocating disk

2. Paddle over disk

3. Rotating basket

4. Reciprocating cylinder

What is the agitation method reflected by the apparatus 4 flow cell?

1. Rotating stirrer

2. Reciprocation

3. Both 1 and 2

4. Fluid movement

Adverse reactions, toxic effects and therapeutic objective are the biopharmaceutical considerations that must be taken special care while designing drug product. It belongs to ________ factor:

1. Manufacturing consideration

2. Patient considerations

3. Drug considerations

4. Pharmacodynamics considerations

Which of the following is the biopharmaceutics considerations in the drug product design with respect to manufacturing?

1. Availavilty of raw material

2. Cost and stability

3. Quality control

4. All of these

Which of the following drug is topical antifungal?

1. Hydrocortisone

2. Ketoconazole

3. Cholestyramine

4. Albuterol

Poultice is the dosage form that is meant for external use. They have the capability retain ________:

1. Moisture

2. Heat

3. Enzymes

4. Both 1 and 3

Compound Wart Remover comprises of salicylic acid and acetic acid that functions to teat warts. It removes warts due to its action of _______:

1. Keratolysis

2. Oxidation

3. Reduction

4. Scaring

Paints belong to liquid dosage form but they are found to be quite viscous in nature. They reflect high viscosity due to more content of __________ in it.

1. Glycerol

2. Menthol

3. CMC

4. All of these

The type of enema that is not required to be warmed to body temperature before administration is _____________:

1. Retention enema

2. Evacuant enema

3. Capsulated enema

4. None of these

Which of the following pessaries are of cone shaped?

1. Vaginal pessaries

2. Compressed pessaries

3. Moulded pessaries

4. All of these

The drugs in inhalers are kept under pressure and these can be _________:

1. Emulsion

2. Suspension

3. Solution

4. All of these

Oxymel is the dosage form in which vehicle comprises of _____ and _____ mixture:

1. Glycerol and honey

2. Acetic acid and honey

3. Acetic acid and glycerol

4. Fructose and Citric acid

What would be the estimated shelf life for the pharmaceutical dosage form such as ophthalmic solution when it is kept in refrigerator at 50C, provided its shelf-life at room temperature is 6 hours only?

1. 50 hours

2. 20 hours

3. 6 hours

4. 54 hours

Calculate the angle of repose for the powder that refelcted 9cm diameter and 3.3cm height when poured from the funnel:

1. 36.250

2. 80.290

3. 67.900

4. 56.980

A one-liter bag of 0.9% NaCl comprises of how many mEq of Na?

1. 154 mEq

2. 58.5 mEq

3. 23 mEq

4. 87.3 mEq

What would be the body mass index (BMI) of the person whose height and weight is 187 cm and 164 pounds, respectively?

1. 18.3 kg/m2

2. 21.3 kg/m2

3. 30.2 kg/m2

4. 25.8 kg/m2

Calculate the total mg of the drug amoxicillin when amoxicillin 200mg/5ml is recommended to take for three times a day with each dose of 10ml:

1. 1200 mg

2. 4200 mg

3. 2500 mg

4. 200 mg

What is the density factor of aspirin for cocoa butter suppositories?

1. 1.0

2. 1.3

3. 3.1

4. 2

How many days would it take for the 84 capsules to last when the recommendation of prescriber is “take 2 capsules daily for three times a day:

1. 7 days

2. 21 days

3. 14 days

4. 12 days

What would be the ration strength for 0.4%:

1. 1:250

2. 1:400

3. 1:40

4. 1:125

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