Quiz: Pharmacy Exam Preparation (NAPLEX Preparation) – 28

Morphine overdose lead to respiratory and CNS depression. It can be reversed by the use __________:

1. Naloxone

2. Flumazenil

3. Propranolol

4. Meperidine

All HMG Co-A reductase inhibitor have the side effect of _______________:

1. Tachycardia

2. Myopathy

3. Tinnitus

4. Gingivitis

The amantadine therapy may lead to development of tolerance within the duration of 6 to 12 months. It can be dealt with the use of ___________

1. Same dose of drug

2. Switching to another drug belonging to same class

3. Switching to another drug belonging to different class

4. None of these

The weight of rectal suppositories manufactured for the use in adults is of _________:

1. 4 g

2. 2 g

3. 1 g

4. 3 g

Vaginal suppositories are usually manufactured in the ovoid shape while the shape for rectal suppositories is _____________:

1. Elongated

2. Circular

3. Random shaped

4. Cubical

Which of the given emulsifying agent is natural?

1. Polysorbate 80

2. Polysorbate 20

3. Lactose

4. Acacia

Further Reading:

Comprehensive Pharmacy Review for NAPLEX by Leon Shargel


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