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Recurrent Urinary Tract Infection (RUTI)

Infection of the urinary tract (UTI) that occurs again with a criteria, as more 3 UTIs per year or > 2 UTIs per 6 months.

General factors involved in RUTIs, include age, sexual habits, and urinary tract anatomical and physiological conditions.

Factors involved in RUTIs in different age groups are as follows:

The factors for the age group 15 to 50 years, include intercourse, previously treated with antibiotics, diaphragm and/or spermicide use, mother suffering from repeated infections, and childhood UTI history.

The factors for the age group 50 to 70 years, include deficiency of Estrogen, urogenital surgery, non-secretory status, urinary incontinence, post-void residue, cystocele, and previous history of UTI.

The factors for the age group more than or equal to 70 years, include urinary incontinence, urogenital surgery, permanent catheter, deterioration of mental state and antimicrobial treatment.

Further Reading:

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