Quiz: Pharmacy Exam Preparation (NAPLEX Preparation) – 26

Which of the following is not the property of carbon tetrachloride?

1. Zero dipole moment

2. Perfect symmetry

3. Non-polar

4. Polar

Which of the following gas functions to disinfect or sterilize the heat labile objects?

1. Halothane

2. Compressed oxygen

3. Ethylene oxide

4. Nitrous oxide

The conversion of substances to the gaseous state from the liquid state is known as ____________?

1. Vaporization

2. Melting

3. Freezing

4. All of these

The colligative properties of the solution do not demand on ____________:

1. Solute’s chemical property

2. Quantity of non-ionic solute

3. Quantity of ionic solute

4. All of these

According to the Lowry Bronsted theory, the substance which act as proton donor is _________:

1. Base

2. Acid

3. Salt

4. None of these

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