Quiz: Pharmacy Exam Preparation (NAPLEX Preparation) – 21

Which of the following is categorized in primary literature?

1. Special reports

2. Systematic reviews

3. Original clinical trials

4. Letters to editor

The information about the unapproved use of drugs can be availed from the resource _________:

1. King’s Guide to Parenteral Admixture

2. Index Nominum

3. PDR

4. Clinical Pharmacology

Which of the following measures get affected by the outliners?

1. Median

2. Mode

3. Regression

4. Mean

The cyanide antidote kit contains all of the followings except:

1. Sodium thiosulfate

2. Sodium nitrite

3. Amyl carbonate

4. Amyl nitrite

Which of the following syringe tip is not meant for administration of injections but for administration of enteral feedings and irrigation of wounds?

1. Catheter tips

2. Luer-Lok tips

3. Eccentric tips

4. Luer-Slip tip

Further Reading:

Comprehensive Pharmacy Review for NAPLEX by Leon Shargel


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