How to solve a Python programming error (pilot)? “Could not open “Digraph.gv.pdf” for writing”

Working on Python programming language and getting an error Could not open "Digraph.gv.pdf" for writing , permission denied
(Source: Pixabay)

“Graphviz” is a Python programming package developed by Sebastian Bank ( It shows the graphs in different formats, such as pdf or png. However, while working on this package, the following error may appear:

Command ‘[‘dot’, ‘-Kdot’, ‘-Tpdf’, ‘-O’, ‘Digraph.gv’]’ returned non-zero exit status 1. [stderr: b’Error: Could not open “Digraph.gv.pdf” for writing : Permission denied\r\n’]

How to solve this Python programming error?

Check whether a pdf file is already opened. If it is already opened, close the file and then run the code.

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