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Quiz: Pharmacy Exam Preparation (NAPLEX Preparation) – 1

Which of the following decline the isoniazid (antitubercular drug) absorption?

1. Cycloserine

2. Carbamazepine

3. Aluminimum containing antacids

4. Acyclovir

Zanamivir reflects similarity with the Oseltamivir in terms of:

1. Pharmacological similarity

2. Structural similarity

3. Both 1 and 2

4. None of these

The prevention form photolysis is possible with use of opaque container or amber glass bottle. The aqueous solution of sodium nitroprusside reflects the half-life of about 4 hours when it is exposed with standard room light. However, the stability enhances more when it is protected from light. For how much time, the drug will be stable when prevented from light?

1. 8 hours

2. 24 hours

3. 3 months

4. 1 year

There are enormous factors which affect the biological drugs in one way or the other. The sensitivity of these drugs is found for all of the following expect _____________:

1. Light

2. Stainless steel

3. Shaking

4. Heat

One of the most common types of protein is Glycoprotein. It is a type of protein which associates itself with ___________:

1. Amino acid

2. Fatty acids

3. Nucleotide

4. Carbohydrate

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