Quiz: Pharmaceuticals and Biopharmaceuticals – 1

Which of the following official glass type indicates towards borosilicate glass?

1. Type I glass

2. Type II glass

3. Type II glass

4. NP

Which of the following are parts of prescription label?

1. Name of patient & prescriber

2. Address of pharmacy, Name of pharmacy

3. Direction for use

4. All of these

The temperature not exceeding 8°C or 46°F is regarded as _______________?

1. Cold temperature

2. Cool temperature

3. Room temperature

4. Warm temperature

Colchicine 0.6mg is the pharmaceutical drug that can be made in tablet of capsule dosage form. It is indicated for treatment of gout _________?

1. Hypertension

2. Diabetes

3. Depression

4. Gout

Which of the following method of drug administration relates to insertion of drug in body’s orifice?

1. Liniment

2. Controlled release tablets

3. Vaginal suppositories

4. Suspension

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