Quiz: Introduction to Dosage Forms and Bioavailability – 12

The time interval between two treatments is known as ____________?

1. Washout period

2. Enzyme status

3. Minimum effective concentration time

4. Crucial period

Which of the following are highly absorbent, have degree of flexibility and are used in contact lenses?

1. Organogels

2. Hydrogels

3. Xerogels

4. Both 1 and 2

Which of the following is not the method of preparation for the gels and magmas?

1. Dispersion method

2. Cold method

3. Inversion method

4. Fusion method

The process of taking up of certain quantity or amount of liquid without causing any measurable change or increase in volume is known as ________________?

1. Thixotropy

2. Imbibition

3. Synersis

4. Swelling

The gel is said to be hydrogel or organogel depending upon the nature of _______________ component?

1. Salt

2. Liquid or solvent

3. Environmental

4. Gelling agent

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