Quiz: Introduction to Dosage Forms and Bioavailability – 6

The rate of clearance of drug form body can be expressed in ____________?

1. ml/min

2. m/hour

3. hour/liters


Which of the following are the sequence of events in drug absorption from orally administered solid dosage form?

1. Deaggregation, Disintegration, Dissolution and Absorption

2. Disintegration, Deaggregation, Dissolution and Absorption

3. Disintegration, Dissolution, Deaggregartion and Absorption

4. Disintegration, Dissolution, Deaggregartion and Absorption

Which of the following is the rate limiting step for lipophilic drugs?

1. Dissolution

2. Permeation

3. Disintegration

4. All of the above

Disintegration time for the tablet dosage form is directly proportional to ______________?

1. Compression force

2. Amount of binder

3. Both 1 and 2

4. None of these

Pore transport, Ion pair transport and facilitated diffusion are the examples of _____________?

1. Active transport

2. Passive transport

3. Paracellular transport

4. Intracellular transport

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