Messenger RNA

Messenger RNA is a single-stranded RNA molecule that carries genetic information (codes from DNA) that is used in protein synthesis with the help of ribosomes.

mRNAs are synthesized in the cell nucleus (from DNA), and then moves to the cytoplasm, where proteins are made in cytoplasm.

In the cytoplasm, mRNAs,

  1. Go through the process of translation, or
  2. Stored for translation, or
  3. Degraded.

Here, translation is a process in which the genetic information in mRNA is used in the formation of protein with the help of ribosomes.

Zusammenfassung in deutscher Sprache (Summary in German language)

mRNA wird im Kern synthetisiert und wandert zum Zytoplasma. Es ist an der Synthese von Proteinen mit Hilfe von Ribosomen beteiligt.

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