Quiz: Introduction to Dosage Forms and Bioavailability – 1

What is the method of manufacturing for water of injection (WFI)?

1. Reverse osmosis

2. Multiple-effect still

3. Compression distillation

4. All of the above

Freeze drying is a method used for the formulation of ____________?

1. Suppositories

2. Capsules

3. Dry powder

4. Emulsion

Which of the following is not the liquid dosage form?

1. Spirit

2. Mouthwash

3. Liniment

4. Magmas

Which of the following is the route of administration for Emulsions?

1. Subcutaneous

2. Intravenous

3. Intramuscular

4. Suppositories

Which of the following is other name of embrocation?

1. Liniment

2. Elixirs

3. Spirits

4. Douches

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