Quiz: Introduction to Dosage Forms – 3

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What is the largest size of pharmaceutical capsules?

1. 000

2. 2

3. 3

4. 5

Which of the following is administered through transdermal/epicutaneous delivery system?

1. Sprays

2. Plasters

3. Syrup

4. Elixirs

Which of the following route cannot be used for administration of suppositories?

1. Urethral

2. Rectal

3. Vaginal

4. Parenteral

The route used for administration of drug in the spine is called ________?

1. Intraosseous

2. Intrathecal

3. Intradermal

4. Intrasynovial

What are the most commonly used sugar coating ingredients for the formulation of pharmaceutical tablets?

1. Titanium oxide

2. Hydroxyethyl cellulose

3. Liquid glucose and sucrose

4. Alginic acid

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