Quiz: Introduction to Dosage Forms – 2

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Which of the following is branch of medicine which deals with the study of drug doses?

1. Pathology

2. Posology

3. Pharmacovigilance

4. Pharmacokinetics

Which dosage form releases gas due to bubble action when comes in contact with water?

1. Effervescent tablets

2. Molded tablets

3. Chewable tablets

4. Enteric coated tablets

Which of the following is not a part of semisolid dosage form?

1. Gels

2. Creams

3. Capsules

4. Ointment

Which of the following polysaccharide is the natural thickening agent?

1. Tragacanth

2. Methylcellulose

3. Carbomer

4. Clay

Why Tolu syrup is preferred over Syrup B.P as a pharmaceutical vehicle in the formulation of linctus?

1. Flavor

2. Aromatic odour

3. Both 1 and 2

4. None of these

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