“Driving from Naran to Babusar top, Pakistan, by Usman Zafar Paracha – About 35 minutes” – A video

This video relates to driving from Naran to Babusar top, Pakistan. It has the following main contents:

                                                                                   Approximate time           

Camping area near Naran                                                          00:18    

A waterfall in the way to Babusar top                                    02:42

Batakundi                                                                                       05:09

Declining number of plants and trees                                    08:23

Glacier near batakundi                                                               09:02

Burawai                                                                                          11:46

Jalkhand                                                                                         14:11

Piyala Jheel (lake)                                                                         16:54

Lulusar Dudipat National Park                                                  18:36

Besal                                                                                               20:38

Lulusar Jheel (lake)                                                                      23:06

Gittidas                                                                                           26:41

Babusar top                                                                                   29:44

Lulusar lake while returning from Babusar top                    33:16

Another glacier while returning from Babusar top             33:27

Batakundi while returning from Babusar top                       34:14


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Usman Zafar Paracha

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