Anti-inflammatory activity of honey

Honey has anti-inflammatory activity

Honey possesses flavonoids and polyphenols that are beneficial in providing anti-inflammatory activity. Polyphenols also modulate gut microbiota helping in providing anti-inflammatory activity. In case of polyphenols, it could also be noted that polyphenols may include quercetin, luteolin, and chrysin that are involved in providing anti-inflammatory activity.

Considering mechanism, luteolin reduces TNF-alpha and leukocyte tissue infiltration leading to anti-inflammatory activity. Here, TNF-alpha is tumor necrosis factor-alpha that is a cell-signaling protein related to systemic inflammation. On the other hand, chrysin suppresses LPS-induced COX-2 leading to anti-inflammatory activity. Here, LPS is lipopolysaccharide that is a component of Gram negative bacteria, and COX-2 is cyclooxygenase-2 that is responsible for inflammation and pain.

Zusammenfassung in deutscher Sprache (Summary in German language):

Honig wirkt entzündungshemmend. Dies ist auf Flavonoide und Polyphenole zurückzuführen. Polyphenole modulieren auch Darmmikrobiota. Dies hilft auch bei der entzündungshemmenden Aktivität.


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