Android apps to increase the efficiency of a student

The life of a student in the present day is much easier as compared to the life of the students in the past. One of the reasons for this is the presence of hundreds of useful apps for students that can help in coping with the everyday tasks. With the help of these app, students can now focus more on their studies. Here is a list of some useful Android apps to increase the efficiency of students.

Android apps

Studious app

The studious app helps in remembering the assignments and the upcoming tests. The interesting feature of the studious app is that it it can help in silencing the phone in classright when the student pass through the door of the class. This feature can be activated by importing the class location into the app. Overall the app is helpful in organising the time and alerting when the deadline for the assignments approach.

SlideShare app

This Android app has more than 15 million presentations, infographics, and videos that can be seen in full-screen, stunning layout. These presentations, videos, and infographics are on different topics ranging from technology to leadership and Engineering to Healthcare, i.E. more than 30 topics to explore. Theses topics and subjects include how-to guide, industrial research, data and analytics reports, thought-leadership articles, questions and answers, visual guides, instructions, and much more. The topics and subjects can also be saved so that they could be read later, even offline. On SlideShare people can also learn from industrial professionals, such as LinkedIn cofounder Reid Hoffman, Silicon Valley entrepreneur Guy Kawasaki, and many other professionals. According to LinkedIn, SlideShare is the largest community in the world to share presentations as well as professional content.

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“Remember the Star Trek computer? It’s finally happening–with Wolfram|Alpha” as noted by the app owners.This app could help in providing instant expert level of knowledge as well as computation on different topics and studies as, for example, mathematics, statistics and data analysis, physics, chemistry, material sciences, engineering, astronomy, earth science, life sciences, computational sciences, weather, places in geography, people and history, music, money and finance, and much more The app utilizes a huge collection of of algorithms and data cricket bat answers and reports for the readers and researchers. Apple Siri assistant is also using some parts of WolframAlpha.


Evernote is personal and professional project organiser. With the help of this app, the user can take notes, add images, create to do list, scan documents with the camera, make sketches, take handwritten notes, record voice reminders, and much more. It can also help in remembering the tasks across all the devices.

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Google Drive

With Google drive, all the notes, diagrams, spreadsheets, and presentations could be placed in the cloud, and can be accessed from any internet connected computer or mobile device. It is providing more than enough cloud storage space for the files that can be utilised by an average college student. Even in case of running out, the student can pay for more space.


Quizlet is a general study tool with a huge number of Flashcards on a huge number of topics that are developed by students from around the world. “Whether you’re doing standardized test prep for big exams like the SAT or ACT, studying for an upcoming midterm or test in school or are learning new concepts, Quizlet’s learning app can help you learn with confidence.” The user can also make his or her own quiz for later use and/or for others. In order to add a variety to the learning process, images and audios can also be added in the flash cards. According to the owners, over 30 million students use the Quizlet app every month.

Office Lens

Google Play named this app as one of the best apps of the year in 2015 in the US and beautiful. This app can help in trimming, enhancing, and making pictures of the readable documents and white boards. The users can also convert images to PDF, PowerPoint, and Word files and save the images to their device or cloud. Overall, this app can help in increasing the productivity by capturing and sharing the ideas.


This app can be considered as a resource  for the creation of revision charts, flashcards, mind maps, notes, and quizzes. It can also help in connecting and collaborating with friends, classmate, or students from different parts of the world. The users can also share, pin,  post, and/or rate the learning resources of other uses. The users can also get instant feedback, support, and advice from the other users.


The app EasyBib is a kind of citation generator. The owners noted that they “guarantee the most accurate bibliography.” The citations can easily be generated by scanning the barcodes of the books with the camera of the phone. Moreover, the search can also be used for the creation of citations to the websites and books. There are over 7000 citation styles between which the users can switch.

Hopefully, you will find these apps helpful. In the comments section, you can also share the apps that you find useful and are not present in this list.

Usman Zafar Paracha

Usman Zafar Paracha is a sort of entrepreneur. He is the author of "Color Atlas of Statistics", and the owner of an Android game "Faily Rocket."

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