New model says that the Universe has no start and it existed forever

A Massive Cluster In A Young Universe (Credit: M. Donahue (STScI) et al., NASA)
A Massive Cluster In A Young Universe (Credit: M. Donahue (STScI) et al., NASA)

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According to a new model, Big Bang never happened and Universe existed forever without any beginning.

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Physics Letters B

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According to our present knowledge, Universe came into existence about 13.8 billion years ago. Before the existence of Universe, everything was in the form of a tiny point, which is also referred to as singularity. Therefore, it is assumed that everything in the Universe was present in that tiny point at that time. Then an event occurred, i.e. Big Bang, and the Universe started to expand and still it is expanding at faster and faster speed.

Presently accepted model for the Universe (Image source: NASA)
Presently accepted model for the Universe (Image source: NASA)

However, one of the problems with presently accepted theories is that mathematical calculations are unable to tell anything about the time of Big Bang or before that event.


In a newly presented model, researchers have shown that Big Bang never happened and the Universe is present without any beginning, i.e. “an everlasting universe” as noted by researchers. This model could help in resolving many issues with presently accepted concepts of the Universe.

According to the model, the Universe has a finite size and there will also be no end to the Universe. The model also supports the current concepts of cosmological constant as well as density of the Universe. This model shows that the Universe is filled with a quantum fluid that is composed of gravitons, which is a hypothetical massless particle responsible for the force of gravity.

However, still it is a hypothesis, and there is no science to support the hypothesis or prove it wrong. Researchers are also thinking of working on the model more seriously in the future.


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