Bad side of selfie and its posting on Instagram

Bad side of selfie and its posting on Instagram (Image source:
Bad side of selfie and its posting on Instagram (Image source:

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Selfie obsession can badly affect the relationship with partner.

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Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking

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“Selfie” is one of the latest things of our era. It is also amusing for many people. In a study, researchers from Florida State University were trying to find the effect and outcomes of selfies and their posting on Instagram. They surveyed 420 Instagram users in the age range of 18 years to 62 years.

Researchers found that people, who think that they have a good body image post more selfies to Instagram as compared to other people. However, the study showed that those people also face more conflicts in their relationship resulting in poorer quality of relationships.

Researchers are of opinion that when one partner keep on posting his or her selfies, the other partner may start feeling jealous or even threatened. This may also result in excessive monitoring of the other partner’s feed that may show more attention of followers to the partner leading to even more problems such as cheating or conflict. The study also provides some insights on selfie posting on instagram.

“These findings suggest that when Instagram users promote their body image satisfaction in the form of Instagram selfie posts, risk of Instagram-related conflict and negative romantic relationship outcomes might ensue.

“Findings from the current study provide a baseline understanding to potential and timely trends regarding Instagram selfie posting,” researchers wrote in the paper.


Ridgway, J., & Clayton, R. (2016). Instagram Unfiltered: Exploring Associations of Body Image Satisfaction, Instagram #Selfie Posting, and Negative Romantic Relationship Outcomes Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking, 19 (1), 2-7 DOI: 10.1089/cyber.2015.0433

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