“14 short stories” by Usman Zafar Paracha

14 short stories by Usman Zafar Paracha
14 short stories by Usman Zafar Paracha

Recently, an ebook of mine has been published on Amazon Kindle. This book is “14 short stories”. These short stories are as follows:

1. Page from diary of a scientist
2. Emotions of plants
3. Tracking a person in Parallel World
4. Mystery is still unsolved
5. Talking with Egyptian Mummies
6. An interview with a Software Engineer
7. Synthetic Time
8. Just in the Black hole
9. Experimental model for Neurological disorder
10. An Interview with a Blind Doctor
11. Virclone
12. An Imaginary yet True Love
13. Abdul Ghafoor Kareem
14. Last moment of life

You can get the book here:


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