Why I like StumbleUpon?

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StumbleUpon is a kind of discovery engine that can help in finding and recommending contents to its users on the basis of their likeness for certain interests. It is a social bookmarking site and users can save links to interesting articles for later use or reference. Its technology is very interesting as it is using a toolbar to take its users to other interesting sites. It has changed its icon but it is still StumbleUpon.

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Finding interesting things is just a “Stumble” away. I like StumbleUpon as you can see I am already there and have more than 180 followers.

For my daily life:

After preparing my lecture, and doing freelancing jobs on odesk, elance, writerbay, fiverr and/or some other good sources, I like to go to StumbleUpon and finding some random things on internet. It has helped me in finding ways to improve my productivity.

Check your liked page later

After a lot of hard work throughout the day, it can also help me in finding new and interesting things to share with others. In case of shortage of time, I can save the posts and view them later. I can also look at my liked posts by interests such as “humor”, “photography”, “science” etc.


For my blog:

StumbleUpon likes to give you traffic, if you like to give something interesting to its users. It has also helped me in finding some very interesting topics for my blog. StumbleUpon not only helps in finding information, but it can also help in sharing that information with others. It can give a good boost to the traffic on my blog. StumbleUpon is found to have better outcomes as compared to Reddit or any other bookmarking site. It can help in driving traffic to the blog for days and even weeks. Moreover, chances of people going for further pages on my blog are also high.

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It is a common observation that if a post becomes popular on StumbleUpon, it also gets popularity on other bookmarking as well as social networking sites. Although the same thing happens in the reverse, i.e. if a post is popular on other sites, it can also get popularity on StumbleUpon. However, StumbleUpon can be considered as a better option as compared to Reddit and Delicious for beginning users, and with my little expertise in marketing, I found it useful.

In the last:

To increase your curiosity of finding new things start Stumbling. You can also join me and share with me your experience e.g., Do you like that flower?.



Usman Zafar Paracha

Usman Zafar Paracha is a sort of entrepreneur. He is the author of "Color Atlas of Statistics", and the owner of an Android game "Faily Rocket."