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Freelance writing is an interesting career (Credit: Stefan/Flickr)
Freelance writing is an interesting career (Credit: Stefan/Flickr)

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Freelance writing is an interesting career. If you want to move forward in this career, you can have the option to join a community of earning writers and can have good freelance jobs here:* For the jobs on WriterBay, (1) you have to fill a form, (2) pass a test on grammar and formatting styles, (3) write a little essay, and (4) upload a higher education certificate. However, this could be one your best choices.

You can also check a list of over 70 sources for freelance writing in the article below. Moreover, find good tips below for getting hired by writing companies.

“The only safe thing is to take a chance.” (Mike Nichols)

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By definition Freelancing means working for yourself. A freelancer works as a writer and/or artist, and sells his or her services to different employers without any long-term contract. According to a report (Fell, 2014), nearly 34% of people working in America are freelancers. Among the top most freelancing jobs are writing, education, graphic designing, translation, consulting, web development, healthcare, and entertainment. Interestingly, some well known companies such as Bloomberg, Time Warner Cable, and Nintendo also take the help of freelancers.

Among the top 5 countries with registered freelancers are United States, India, Pakistan, Ukraine, and United Kingdom. It has to be considered that freelance market is good for developing countries and those countries where the average wage of people is about $1,000 per year.

Freelancers have better earnings

Earning of freelancers:

Freelance writing jobs can give a good level of earning. According to the report (Fell, 2014), nearly 77% (almost eight out of ten) freelancers are making the same or more money than they did before starting the freelancing jobs. Freelance jobs are such a good thing that people can even manage their traditional jobs with freelancing jobs.

Earning of freelancers
Earning of freelancers

According to an infographic published in The Muse (Frost, 2014), an average freelancer is making 45% more than the normal job holders. Interestingly, about 75% of those people, who are working from home, are making more than $65,000 per year. About 15% of freelancers are earning more than $100 per hour. Almost similar facts were noted by Amanda Hackwith in Freelance Confidential, i.e. average freelance web designer is making up to $60,000 per year making $5,000 per month. However, according to TNW, Arun Bhattachary, a Indian designer, earned nearly $10,000 in a month on DesignCrowd – a site for freelance designers (Falconer, 2011).

In a study, researchers have reported that in Europe “annual freelancer earnings amount to €98 175 and the annual cost of a salaried writer to €102 098.” (Reeves & Hamilton, 2014).

“I opted for a freelance writing career. I was lucky enough to have the means to do it.” (Matt Ridley)

Work life balance of freelancers
Work life balance of freelancers

Life of freelancers:

Freelancers have an excellent work-life balance. Moreover, freelancers feel little disturbance in the times of recession (Frost, 2014). However, some of the challenges faced by freelancers include finding clients, getting paid on time, competition, and maintaining high productivity. On the other hand, freelancers can have a good level of freedom in the case of work, i.e. they can work anywhere, anytime. Freelancers can have more interesting projects, and they can travel while working.

“If a nation loses its storytellers, it loses its childhood.” (Peter Handke)

Over 75% freelancers are earning more than $65,000 per year.

Success factors for freelancers:

Success is not easy for many people, but it is important to follow some rules for a sure successful life. Following are some of the factors that are important in the success of a freelancer:

  1. In a study (Born & Witteloostuijn, 2013), researchers have reported that external environment plays an important role in the success of a freelancer. So, freelancers have to work on the outer conditions such as better family environment and neighborhood for more success, and people in the surrounding can help them in achieving their goals.
  2. Uniqueness is important in the success of freelancers. Interestingly, most of the freelancers can start thinking in a unique and ideal manner after sometime.
  3. Freelancers must have to remain ready for a change in the market. He or she has to consider that the expectations of customers can change with the passage of time.
  4. Endurance is important along with discipline as first 2-3 years are not that easy for freelancers. Confidence is also among the topmost factors that freelancers must have to achieve success.
  5. Freelancers have to learn commercial and technical skills (at least at the beginner level) to achieve a good level of success.
  6. Saving a small or big amount of money from different projects and continuous marketing are also important for the success of freelancers.
  7. Good public relations and networking can also help in achieving success. Resourcefulness is also important. Good writing projects and jobs can be achieved with good resources. Freelancers’ skills, opportunities, experiences, and talents can work more efficiently, if they have a good level of networking. Moreover, optimization of resources is also important to keep on progressing.

“Write. Rewrite. When not writing or rewriting, read. I know of no shortcuts.” (Larry L. King)

Successful people, who started as a freelancer:

Stephen King:

Stephen King started working at the age of 16 years. He sent many articles to different magazines, and received many rejection letters. After two years of constant hard work, his story “I Was a Teenage Graverobber” was accepted in Comics Review (Online College, 2012).

Stephen King used to spend some time in writing at least ten pages every day. He made his habit of reaching the daily quota despite all the works.

Isaac Asimov:

One of the greatest science fiction writers of all time. He was the one, who created the Three Laws of Robotics, and got a crater on Mars named after him. He started working as a freelancer in the late 30s (Online College, 2012).

I, robot by Isaac Asimov
Do you know this?

Mark Twain:

He was a combination of newspaper correspondent and freelance journalist.

Mark Twain got the habit of writing before going to bed.

Never argue with a fool... Mark Twain
Never argue…

Charles Dickens:

He started as a freelance journalist and contributed articles to the paper, the Mirror of Parliament.

Charles Dickens had the habit of working in the morning, and then going outside for a three-hour walk every afternoon. After that walk, he was able to get a refreshed mind and got more ability to concentrate on writing. This shows that aimless walking and thinking sometimes help writers in getting new inspiration and creativity.

Upton Sinclair:

Upton Sinclair (1878 – 1968) started working as freelancer at the age of 14 years. He started writing jokes as well as short novels to get enough money to pay his fees at the City College of New York. At the height of his freelancing career, along with stenographers, he was able to collect 8,000 words of pulp fiction in a day.

After 14 years of hard work, his first successful novel, The Jungle, was published at the age of 28 years. Sinclair said about this novel, “I aimed at the public’s heart, and by accident I hit it in the stomach.”

Hunter S. Thompson:

Hunter S. Thompson (1937-2005) started his writing career as a copyboy for Time. He typed the novels of F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway to know their style of writing. He kept on working as a freelancer Middletown, New York, and San Juan, Puerto Rico, but was not very successful. He published his first feature in Rogue Magazine.

Thompson got first big break in the year 1965, when Carey McWilliams, author and editor from Los Angeles, hired him for a story on the Hells Angel’s motorcycle gang for The Nation. He spent about a year to bring his book Hell’s Angels. After the release of the book, he started writing for major magazines such as Esquire, The New York Times Magazine, and Harper’s.

He said, “To be able to earn a living as a freelance writer in this country is damned hard… maybe I can do this.”

“If you dig deep and keep peeling the onion, artists and freelance writers are the leaders in society – the people who start to get new ideas out.” Allan Savory.

Freelancing is a good idea for entrepreneurs.
Freelancing is a good idea for entrepreneurs.


You can also start writing ebooks as a freelancer. I have recently started and you can see my ebook “14 short stories” here:

14 short stories by Usman Zafar Paracha
14 short stories by Usman Zafar Paracha

Tips for increasing your chances of getting hired:

Usually, academic writing requires a particular style, so you can improve yourself in academic writing by getting knowledge of some of the popular writing styles such as

  • APA (You can read about this style here:
  • MLA (You can read about this style here:
  • Chicago/Turabian (You can read about this style here:
  • Harvard (You can read about this style here:

It is important to get knowledge of these styles before applying on an academic writing job.

Another important thing to consider is that companies usually require a sample article before hiring someone. So, try to improve your grammar and check spelling before submitting the sample article. Try to read the article in loud voice after writing; this would increase the chances of grabbing mistakes in the article. One thing that you can do after writing a sample essay is to give it to someone, who is proficient in English. You can also submit the essay to some English checking software such as

Most important thing of them all is to check your sample article for plagiarism. Your article must not be copied from anywhere; otherwise it would have bad impact that can decrease your chances of getting hired. You can check your article through a plagiarism checking software such as

Remember, you can earn good amount of money with freelancing. So, try to work hard to get into the job. Once in the job, you will fly.

Websites or sources to earn money from photography and art

DreamsTime –

List of websites or sources for freelance writing jobs

Following list of sources can help in starting or advancing your life as a freelance writer:

Must check source/s:

WriterBay –

WriterBay has a number of projects for you to work on and its team is very cooperative. It has competitive payments and gives enough space for personal growth. In order to join this platform, you have to fill out the application form, pass grammar and styles test (in which you will get guidance even along with test), upload a sample of essay, and a higher education certificate.

They guide you at every step, even in the process of hiring and fulfilling the form.

Some popular sources:

AutoShopper –

It has a requirement of writers from U.S., U.K., and Canada. However, they need writers with knowledge and enthusiasm about cars.

About – is always in need of freelancers. It has a flat fee payment and also has residuals for experts on the posted content. Although it gives good payment, it is difficult to get hired. –

Cracked pays up to $100 for the first accepted article by the freelance writer. Moreover, writers can also get a byline that can help in getting more exposure.

Demand Media –

This company pays from $7 to $20 or more for an article depending on the hiring department. It pays through PayPal two times a week.

Examiner –

They hire writers from the U.S. and Canada. They share only revenue.

Helium –

Write articles and get paid on revenue share basis. Article popularity and participation on site are helpful in earning more money.


How Stuff Works –

They have a good amount of payment for an article that can reach up to $100. They remain in need of freelance writers both specialists and generalists in various subject areas. However, they are also extremely selective.

HubPages –

Writers can earn ongoing revenue share on this site.

Kirkus Media –

This company wants freelance writers to write book reviews. They also need copywriters and editors. Writers can work from anywhere.


LifeHack –

This life hacking blog is always is search of contributors. They want their writers to write minimum 2 to 3 articles per week.

Listverse –

They pay up to $100 per 1000 words of list article. However, they claim all rights for the article.

Matador –

This is a travel website and pays up to $25 per article.

Triond –

Writers can earn up to 50% of the revenue from writing etc. –

It works through MTurk paying up to $2.25 per 250 words.

Other sources that you can check:

A Pass Education –

This company deals with education writing. It requires at least bachelor’s degree in addition to 2-5 hours of work per day.

Academic Experts –

This company deals with academic writing. They offer from $7 to $31 per article having double space sentences on a page. They pay two times in a month. However, they require any person with Master’s degree or PhD.

Airbnb –

It has occasional openings for freelance writers in different languages.

All Voices –

They help writers in sharing their contents and earn money.

Article Document –

They have a number of assignments for freelance writers. These assignments are updated on daily basis. There is no article minimum. It can be considered as an excellent second source of income.

Article Marketing Co. –

This company hires writers from U.S. and Canada. It gives payment every week through PayPal. Its payment is in the range of $7 to $8.50 for an article, and it has all kinds of articles.

Article Sale –

This company helps writers to sell their articles. Interestingly, they have a good promotion model.

Beacon Fire –

Beacon Fire is in need of independent contractors and you can join them as a copywriter.

Best Reviewer –

Write top ten lists and earn money through revenue share of Adsense.

BlogMutt –

In this case, freelance writers write for BlogMutt’s clients, and get paid when they like the post.

Break Studios –

They have a payment of up to $8 per article of at least 250 words. They pay two times in a month.

Buy Keyword Articles –

They pay from one to five cents per word. They pay through PayPal.

Consumer Search –

Consumer Search is in search of article writers, who can write on different topics such as cars, kitchen gadgets, and computers etc. In case of field, they are in search of experts from technology, photo or video, and cars.

Content Current –

They have flexible working hours and pays every week.

Content Divas –

Their pay is approximately $18 per 1000 words.

Content Runner –

Write an article and post on this website for sale. You can see the articles and their rates on the website.

Copy Press –

They hire writers from the U.S., Canada, U.K., and Australia. They pay through PayPal or direct deposit two times in a month.

Crowd Content –

They hire writers from the U.S., Canada, U.K., and Australia, and possibly from some other countries. Depending on the writer level, they pay from 2 to 6.6 cents per word.

Distance Web –

They hire writers for the development of ads, email marketing campaigns, and web sites.

Distilled –

They hire freelance writers of a variety of topics for different blogs and sites.

Domainite –

They have different types of articles for freelance writers. However, writers have to submit a sample of writing before getting their acceptance as a writer.

EditFast –

They pay $10 per article written according to the keywords and guides.

EduWriters –

Freelance writers can earn from $7 to $14 per page. They have a number of topics to writer for.

Ezdia –

They need content writers and editors occasionally, and pay from $1 to $150 per piece. They have a number of different types of contents for writers.

FireHow –

You can earn money by writing how to articles for FireHow.

Get a CopyWriter –

They need copywriters, and pay from $5 to $9 per 100 words.

Green Light Articles –

They need writers, who have a strong grip in English grammar.

Hire Writers –

On HireWriters, established writers can earn up to $20 per article.

The Hoth –

They hire native English speakers to write SEO contents. They pay through PayPal.

IndieMade –

They need writers to write for business as well as marketing of creative businesses. Good quality articles can get good amount. Writers can also get exposure through their profile pic on the contributors’ page.

Interact Media –

They pay through PayPal two times a month.

Internet Brands –

They pay through PayPal on monthly basis. They need a sample article.

iWorkwell –

They have a tagline “Showcase your Expertise, and Get paid for it.” They pay from $20 to $175 for content.

Kinzer Projects –

Constant checking of their projects can help writers in finding some good job.

Live Career –

This company constantly remains in search of freelance writers. Keep on checking their site.

Love to Know –

They hire freelance writers and pay from $15 to $60 per article.

Merchant Circle –

They require short articles on a range of topics, and pay about $4 for an article.

Need an Article –

They pay from $5 to $12, and pay through PayPal on weekly basis.

Newscastic –

It has a number of assignments for journalists in the U.S.

Online Writing Jobs –

It was previously known as Quality Gal. Here, freelancers can get up to $50 per article, and payment is made through check or PayPal.

Patch –

You can search “work from home” for having any kind of writing job.

Plum Deluxe –

They pay up to $30 for an article/feature, and give credit to authors. They have a variety of topics ranging from travel to food, and health to style.

Pure Content –

They pay through PayPal or direct deposit. However, U.K. English is their preference.

Real Media Group –

Their payment varies from $3 to $5.

Remilon –

They pay through PayPal require a minimum of 5 articles in a week.

Resume Edge –

They pay per assignment of resume writing. They may also give bonuses.

RiseSmart –

They hire resume writers and pay hourly.

Scripted –

Writers can write tweets, posts on Facebook, or blogposts.

Search Influence –

Freelance writers can make up to $15 per hour for writing SEO contents. They provide articles, keywords and other related information. Almost everything is within 24 hours turnaround time.

Search Science –

They are hiring writers from the U.S., Canada, and U.K., and pay about $15 for an article.

Skyword –

They have some upfront payment and revenue sharing.

SmartBrief –

They often have news related writing jobs.

Student Experts –

Their payment varies from $8 to $12 per hour for the creation of small business blogs.

Textbroker –

They are hiring beginners as well experts to develop contents. They pay weekly through PayPal.

TextMaster –

They hire writers, proofreaders, and translators, pay through PayPal.

The Content Authority –

It is almost same to TextBroker, and hires writers from the U.S. and Canada.

The Expeditioner –

They pay for travel related articles, and payment can go up to $30 per 1000 words.

TripBase –

They are also hiring writers to write travel related posts. Their payment can also go up to $25 to $30 for an article.

TripleCurve –

This company can give you an option to work on many projects. Moreover, its feedback is good.

WL Marketing –

This company is providing SEO services and is in constant need of article writers.

WebSiteText –

They are always in need of copywriters, content writers, and SEO writers.

Word Gigs –

Writers from the U.S. can earn up to $4 for short articles.

Words of Worth –

This company is open to writers from the U.S., Canada, Germany, France, and U.K. They pay through bank transfer.

World Start –

They pay through PayPal from $25 to $50 per article most only computer related topics.

Writer’s Domain –

They pay through PayPal, and hire writers to writer in English, Spanish, and French.

Writers needed –

They are in search of professional writers and pay up to $13 per 300 words.

Writer Access –

It is open only to U.S. writers and the pay is higher than Textbroker.

Concluding Remarks:

Freelancing is not only related to good earning but it is also helpful in giving a good life to the family. People can think of doing all those things, they like to do. If you want to pursue the career of freelance writing than Writer Bay (* can be your best choice. You can join this company, if you are good at grammar and basics of writing such as citation styles etc. On this site, you wouldn’t face many of the challenges mentioned in the “Life of freelancers” as the support team of this company is very friendly not only to the clients but also to the writers, and they are getting a good number of projects every time ranging from writing to blogging. With this company, you can have good essay writing and report writing jobs. You can also join Odesk, Elance, and Freelancer to pursue the freelance career.

In order to get payment, you can utilize the services of PayPal, Payoneer, and/or Skrill/Moneybookers.

“The first sentence can’t be written until the final sentence is written.” (Joyce Carol Oates)

NB. In the end, I would like to say that your sharing of this article will be highly appreciated.

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