– a website to select efficient journals


Main Point:

There finally is a website;, that will make the scientific peer review process more transparent and will enable authors to make an informed decision about where to send their article to.

Study Further: is a website where researchers can share their experiences about the peer review process and can also select an efficient journal for submitting their work.

There are two search bars on the homepage. One bar is present on left side that is to “Search for a journal to review or to get information on” and the other bar is present on right side that is to “Search for a scientific discipline and select an efficient journal to publish your work”. SciRev also offers you the possibility to create a free account where you can administer your manuscripts under review and create a personal journal list.

This website has already received over 400 reviews and a huge number of positive responses. Reviews are publicly available on the website. You can look at the reviews at

Not only the website is helpful, but the makers of this website, Jeroen Smits and Janine Huisman, are also very co-operative. They are from Netherlands.

Once, I heard that competition is better because it brings quality and in case of journals, often “Impact factor” is not the only thing we want as we may also want the promptness of publication of research. This website can help us in selecting the most appropriate journal in this regard.

This website also gives the journals a platform to see what people think about them and the competitors, so that they can work efficiently.

“It will take some more time before we can draw conclusions regarding differences between journals and scientific fields in duration and quality of the review process. As you know there are thousands of scientific journals and we need at least several reviews per journal to give scientists a relevant idea about the journal. We hope to be able to do so later this year.” Janine Huisman and Jeroen Smits told me (Usman Zafar Paracha).

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