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Interesting facts about the moon

Super moon in Vancouver (Credit: BC Flickr)
Super moon in Vancouver (Credit: BC Flickr)

Moon is the only natural satellite of Earth. People want to read about different facts about the moon and you probably have also come after searching.

We want to read about the facts but space agencies are working on the facts. Major space agencies of the world including NASA, ESO and the China National Space Administration are considering sending first manned missions to the satellite by the year 2020. India and Japan are also showing interests to send missions by that time.

Here, I have collected some interesting facts. Go for a “Thumbs up“.

Night on the moon:

Night on the moon stays for a time equivalent to that of 14 days and temperature on the moon can drop to -150 ºC.

Full moon can decrease your sleep by about 20 minutes:

Scientists have found that full moon can affect the good night’s sleep as humans can react to the geophysical rhythms of the moon, caused by a circalunar clock. Interestingly, this can happen even when some person is not looking at the moon and don’t know about the phases of moon.

Full moon can decrease the deep sleep related brain activity by 30%. It may take 5 minutes longer for people to get sleep. Overall, their sleep could be reduced by about 20 minutes.

Water on moon:

Moon may hold a good amount of water than was previously thought and scientists have found water in ancient moon rocks that is thought to be there from the time of the moon-forming process about 4.5 billion years ago.

Moon phases can affect heart surgery:

Scientists have found that in case of heart surgery, chances of death decrease if we consider acute aortic dissection (AAD) repair and if the process is done in the waning full moon. Similarly, length of stay of patients in the hospital could be reduced in full moon.


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