Photogenic aurora on Saturn

Aurora on Saturn (Credit: NASA)

Aurora is a natural phenomenon occurring in the night sky around the Polar Regions, caused by atmospheric gases interacting with solar particles to create streamers, folds, or arches of colored light. On Earth, these are northern or southern lights. However, auroras are not only the beautiful part of Earth in our solar system. They are also found on Saturn, i.e. 6th planet of our solar system.

Beautiful Saturn’s auroras were first studied in 1979. These are high in nature, i.e. growing hundreds of miles above the planet’s poles. They are different than the auroras found on Earth as they shine on Saturn for days. You can see a beautiful image of aurora in the picture above presented by NASA.



Usman Zafar Paracha

Usman Zafar Paracha is a sort of entrepreneur. He is the author of "Color Atlas of Statistics", and the owner of an Android game "Faily Rocket."