Huge group of spots on Sun

Sunspots (Credit: NASA / SDO)
Sunspots (Credit: NASA / SDO)

Main Point:

Observers have seen a huge sunspot group referred to as Active Region (AR) 1944.

Study Further:

This huge sunspot group AR 1944 was observed using NASA’s Solar Dynamics Explorer on January 4, 2014, at 19:15 Universal Time. In the image, North is up. This huge sunspot (actually a cluster of spots) is about 100,000 miles across.

“It’s impressively complex,” noted Tom Fleming, a veteran solar observer. “I got a count of 26 yesterday but I could only rate the conditions as ‘fair’ . . . too much turbulence. The actual count is probably closer to 45.”

This group of clusters is considered to reach the center of the solar disk in about 1 day. You can watch the spots with a telescope fitted with a safe solar filter.


Huge Sunspot Group Now Observable – Sky & Telescope (

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