Sun is not to blame for major changes in weather / Related Research Suggestion

Sun to Earth (Credit: DonkeyHotey/flickr)Main Point:

Scientists have found that heat from our Sun is not the major factor in climate changes on Northern Hemisphere.

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Nature Geoscience

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Previously, we thought that periodic changes in solar activity may result in lengthy warm and cold weather on Earth.

In the present study, scientists worked on the causes of climate change in the northern hemisphere over the time of past 10 centuries using the records of temperatures in that time developed with data from tree rings and other such historical sources. They compared the calculated data with computer-generated models of past climate, featuring both major and minor changes in the sun.

Scientists found that until the year 1800, the most important factor in periodic changes in climate was volcanic eruptions. These eruptions prevent the sunlight from reaching the Earth resulting in cool, drier atmosphere. After that, i.e. since 1900, most important factor in climate change is the greenhouse gases.

“We instead conclude that solar forcing probably had a minor effect on Northern Hemisphere climate over the past 1,000 years, while, volcanic eruptions and changes in greenhouse gas concentrations seem to be the most important influence over this period,” Scientists concluded.

“Until now, the influence of the sun on past climate has been poorly understood. We hope that our new discoveries will help improve our understanding of how temperatures have changed over the past few centuries, and improve predictions for how they might develop in future,” Dr Andrew Schurer from School of GeoSciences, who is the corresponding author of the research papers, said in a statement.

Research Suggestion:

“Links between the sun and anomalously cold winters in the UK are still being explored.” Dr Andrew Schurer said.


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