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Here, I have collected some information from medical sciences from this blog. Hopefully, you will like it.

Capgras delusion is a phenomenon in which a person is in a delusion that his or her spouse, other relative or friend has been changed by an imposter, robot or alien. (Source: Capgras delusion – A Fact stranger than fiction)

Capgras delusion - SayPeople

Even beneficial bacteria in our gut can harm us in the presence of infectious viruses. (Source: Viruses are efficient in the presence of beneficial bacteria )

Beneficial bacteria - SayPeople

Nearly 98% of junk DNA, present in the body, may not be needed for the creation of complex life.  Nobody knows, why they are present in the body? (Source: A huge amount of DNA may not be needed for the creation of complex life )

Junk DNA - SayPeople

Morgellons disease is a mysterious skin disease in which sufferers feel something crawling on the skin and some fiber-like materials are felt on the skin. (Source: Mysterious Morgellons disease is still unexplained; Research)

Morgellons disease - SayPeople

Viruses can also develop their own immune system. (Source: Viruses could adopt their own immune system showing that they are the living organisms)

Viruses - SayPeople

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