Students’ perceptions of their peers

Students (Image: Juska Wendland/flickr)

Main Point:

Researchers have found that students consider their peers more intelligent, if they achieve better in particular school subjects such as in sciences and mathematics.

Published in:

High Ability Studies

Study Further:

Researchers in the present study surveyed over 100 secondary school students of what they think of their classmates. They found that the students’ perceptions of the peers are subject-specific.

Researchers found that “high academic achievements in particular school subjects lead to negative reactions in the peer group whereas high achievements in other school subjects result in positive peer reactions.” As for example, students, who achieved higher marks in sciences and mathematics, were considered more intelligent, more conscientious and less socially-minded than the students, who achieved higher marks in languages and sports subjects.

On the other hand, “the respondents’ gender and the gender of the successful classmates had little influence on student perceptions of high achievers.”


Marion Händel et al. (2013). Student perceptions of high-achieving classmates High Ability Studies DOI: 10.1080/13598139.2013.843139

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