Error code “404” and “fail” are the top words in 2013

Google Error code 404 (Credit: Frank Farm/Flickr)

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Error code “404”, “fail” and “Hashtag” are among the top words in the year 2013, according to a research from The Global Language Monitor (GLM). I wish, “success” would be the top word during all the coming years.

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It is GLM’s 14th annual survey of global English.

GLM checks blogs, social networks and news sites, and found that “drones”, “nano”, “meme” and “comet” are among the top 20 commonly used words along with the top three words mentioned above. Among the top three phrases are “toxic politics”, “federal shutdown” and “Global Warming/Climate Change”. Top three most commonly used names are “Pope Francis”, “Obamacare” and “NSA – The National Security Agency”.

404 has gained enormous attention the world over this year as systems in place since World War II, which many see as the beginning of the contemporary era, are in distress or even failure.” said Paul JJ Payack, President and Chief Word Analyst of the Global Language Monitor.

“The recent ObamaCare launch debacle in the US is only a representative example of a much wider system fail, from the political deadlock in the US Government, to the decline of the dollar, to the global web of intrigue and surveillance by the NSA, to the uncertainty regarding the European Union, and the on-going integration of China and other rising powers, such as India and Brazil into the global economic system.” Payack added

According to the company, there are 1,025,109.8 numbers of words in English.


Toxic Politics is the Top Phrase, and Pope Francis the Top Name – The Global Language Monitor (GLM) – (

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