Google+ Custom URL for your page or profile


Google has announced that the users can now use a custom URL for Google+ page or profile to share with others.

What is Custom URL?

According to Google, “A custom URL is a short, easy-to-remember web address that links directly to your profile or page.”

As for example, you can use the link to visit YouTube’s Google+ page rather than the lengthy

Eligibility criteria for getting a Custom URL:

Google said that the account must be in good standing to get the custom URL. Moreover, following requirements have to be met.

Criteria for People:

  • Ten or more followers
  • Your account is 30 days old or more
  • A profile photo

Criteria for Local Google+ page/s: Page must be a verified local business

Criteria for Non-local Google+ page/s: Page must be linked to a website

How to get the custom URL through Google+?

If you meet the above criteria, you’ll see a notification at the top of your Google+ page or Profile.

  1. Click Get a custom URL button to get started. Alternatively, from the “About” tab on your Profile, click the “Get” link located under your Google+ URL.

  2. You’ll see the URL(s) you’ve been approved for. If you see more than one option, select the one you like best. You may also be asked to add a few numbers or letters to make the custom URL unique to you.

  3. Check the box to agree to the Terms of Service.

  4. Click Change URL.

  5. We may ask you to verify your account by your mobile phone number. If you need to do this, you’ll see a box pop up asking you to do so.   a. Enter your mobile phone number.   b. Check the box to make it easier for people who have your phone number to find you on Google services.   c. Check your phone for the code that was sent to you.   d. Enter that code in the box.   e. Click Verify.

  6. Once approved, this URL will be linked to your Google+ page or Profile, so be sure everything is exactly the way you want it. Once your URL has been approved, you can’t request to change it. When you’re certain, click Confirm.

What next?

You can also edit your custom URL by going to the “Links” section and making edits in the box that will appear.

You can also follow the updates at #googleplusupdate


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Usman Zafar Paracha

Usman Zafar Paracha is Assistant Professor, Pharmaceutics, in Hajvery University, Lahore, Pakistan.