Toshiba’s one terabyte drive for slim devices

Toshiba MQ02ABF 2-platter 7mm 2.5in disk drive (Credit: Toshiba)

Toshiba has designed and introduced a terabyte laptop drive with a sleek 7mm thick 2.5in disk drive for use in Ultrabooks and other such slim devices. The areal density is 744Gbit/in2 and the little twin spinner spins at 5400 RPM with a 6Gbit/s SATA interface.

This drive is from the MQ02ABF series, where 02 means 2 x 500GB platters. It is an updated version of MQ01ABF, where “01” means 1 x 500GB platter.

This drive uses dual-stage head positioning technology and is available at 750GB and 1TB capacity points. For further classification, MQ02ABF100 represents drive capacity of 1TB and MQ02ABF075 represents drive capacity of 750GB.


Toshiba ( – PDF)

Usman Zafar Paracha

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