Dear women! Multi-tasking is probably your field…

Multi-tasking (Credit: Abdul Qadir Memon/Flickr)

Main Point:

Researchers have found that women could be the superior multi-taskers than men.

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[sociallocker]BMC Psychology

Study Further:

First Experiment:

Researchers, in the present study, tested 120 men and 120 women using a computer simulation requiring them to complete one or two simple tasks. Researchers measured their ability of promptly completing the task. They found that the participants were able to complete one task much faster but the ability slowed down when the participants were asked to switch between the two tasks for completion.

Researchers further found that the women were 69% slower, when they were asked to switch between the tasks, while men were 77% slower. They found that women rapidly adjusted to the new task making them the better multi-taskers.

Second Experiment:

In another experiment, participants were asked to complete three different tasks in the time of eight minutes. The tasks were locating places on a map, solving some math problems, and designing a way to search a field for a lost set of keys. In the meanwhile, the participants were also given the phone calls four minutes into their test. They were allowed to choose whether to answer the phone call or not. Upon answering the call, the participants were asked eight knowledgeable questions.

Researchers found that although men and women were equally successful in map and math tasks but women did significantly better than men in the lost key tasks showing that women are better multi-taskers.


BMC Psychology

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