Too many pictures of food a day, keep the feeding habit away

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Researchers have found that looking at too many food pictures can make it less pleasant to eat.

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Journal of Consumer Psychology

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Researchers have recently reported that by looking at the pictures of food on Instagram or Pinterest, consumers feel like they have already experienced eating that food, thereby reducing the pleasure and surprise of the taste without even eating that food.

Researchers, in the present study, exposed the two groups of volunteers to the pictures of foods. To the one group, they showed salty foods while to the other group they showed sweet foods. They then gave the salty food to both the group and asked them to rate the enjoyability of the food. Group of people, who were shown salty foods, rated the salty food less enjoyable.

That is why if you want to enjoy your food’s taste try not to see those pictures of salad and other yummies. Researchers are of the opinion that over-exposure to such sightings can increase people’s satiation, i.e. decreased enjoyment with repeated consumption. It is just like the fifth bite of cake or third hour of playing that are usually less enjoyable than the first. And don’t worry two to three pictures would not affect your taste. You can see these pictures.

On the other hand, if you want to get rid of your feeding habits, this would be helpful to you to look at so many pictures of food.


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