FarMaker Interstellar Space travel contest for artists

Martiniere space-colony (Credit: Martiniere/Farmaker2013)

If you are an artist and have a vision of future, I have good news for you. An organization has recently launched an art contest to make future vehicles that would be able to take humanity to the stars.

Submissions are open to the FarMaker Interstellar Speed Sketch 2013 contest, being organized along with a conference on interstellar travel called Starship Congress, to run Aug. 15 to 18 in Dallas, Texas. The deadline to apply is Aug. 1.

Theme for this year’s FarMaker Speed Sketch contest is “Project Daedalus”, a study conducted by the British Interplanetary Society in the 1970s that investigated nuclear fusion-powered interstellar spacecraft.

On a further note, entries may represent any of the following themes;

Building: Interstellar technology helps a city thrive on Earth, its shipyards busy with the building of our first starcraft. What is it like
Journeying: The Daedalus spacecraft bridges the vastness between stars. How does it feel?
Arriving: We reach our destination. What do we find?
Freeform: A bracket for dynamic and realistic visions we can’t yet foresee.

At Icarus Interstellar’s 2013 Starship Congress in Dallas, Texas (August 15-18), Stephan Martiniere, will be a gust of honor and will judge the arts presented by the contestants.

Further information on the space art contest and Starship Congress is available here:

Usman Zafar Paracha

Usman Zafar Paracha is a sort of entrepreneur. He is the author of "Color Atlas of Statistics", and the owner of an Android game "Faily Rocket."

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