Injectable oxygen to keep you alive without the need of atmospheric oxygen

This syringe, containing particles of oxygen gas mixed with liquid, can potentially save the lives of patients unable to breathe (Credit: Vector Blog)

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Last year, researchers reported the invention of injectable oxygen that can keep people alive, when they are not breathing.

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Science Translational Medicine

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This injectable oxygen was developed by the team of researchers from Boston Children’s Hospital. They developed micro-particles to be injected into the blood stream to oxygenate it without any help of lungs.

These particles have the membrane made up of fats and they contain 3-4 times more oxygen as compared to the red blood cells.

“Prototype suspensions were manufactured to contain between 50 and 90 ml of oxygen gas per deciliter of suspension. Particle size was polydisperse, with a mean particle diameter between 2 and 4 μm,” Researchers wrote.

These particles could help to keep the patient alive for about 30 minutes after respiratory failure that is enough to prevent the heart attack or brain damage as a result of oxygen deficiency.

“This is a short-term oxygen substitute—a way to safely inject oxygen gas to support patients during a critical few minutes,” John Kheir, MD, of the Department of Cardiology at Boston Children’s Hospital said in a statement. “Eventually, this could be stored in syringes on every code cart in a hospital, ambulance or transport helicopter to help stabilize patients who are having difficulty breathing.”

According to the researchers, this invention would help to go deep in the water and through the space.


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