Golden tortoise beetles – Really beautiful Insects

Golden tortoise beetle (Credit: Lynette Schimming,

Golden tortoise beetles, also known as Charidotella sexpunctata, are found at various places in the world such as eastern North America and are mostly present on the plant family containing the sweet potato and the morning glory.

They are 5-7 mm in length.

They are beautiful due to the presence of golden color appearing like tiny jewels or golden ladybugs. However, they have the ability to change the color from the golden to the red with black spots just like the ladybugs.

Golden tortoise beetle (Credit: Paul Choate, Univeristy of Florida)

Biologists are not well aware of these insects but the insects are usually found in May or June and probably lay their eggs at the same time. New population arises in July, feed on foliage by the time and enter dormancy by the following spring.

However, their beauty is not the only thing; they are also the cause of severe defoliation.


University of Florida

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