Trials to check whether Plants could grow on Moon and Mars or not

Experiment to check the theoretical growth of plants on Moon and Mars (Credit: Alterra Wageningen UR)

Main points:

Researchers have planned to experiment whether it is possible to grow the plants on Mars or not. They will give the plants, the mineral composition of the soil on the moon and the Mars and will study the plant species that would theoretically grow on the surface of the moon and the Mars.

Study Further:

“Mars is still a long way off,” Wieger Wamelink, said in a statement. “But the moon is closer, so it would be more realistic to establish a colony there. What’s more, we already know the mineral composition of the soil on the moon, and of moon dust. So what I’m aiming to find out now is whether plants will grow in moon substrate, or whether certain essential elements are lacking. This has never been done before. We are gradually discovering more about Mars, which is why the planet has been included in this research.”

First trials on the plants will be started in greenhouses on April 2nd. Researchers are also thinking on to experiment the food safety of crops grown in artificial conditions on the moon in moon soil.

“We will then allow certain species of wild plants and agricultural crops to germinate in pots of artificial moon and Martian soil supplied by NASA. The growth of these plants will be compared with that of the same species in ordinary soil from the Earth. Preconditions relating to heavy metals and minerals will be derived from our findings.” Wamelink added. “Our research is based on the premise that an atmosphere will be available to the colony, perhaps in domes or buildings. We are also assuming the presence of water, either from the moon or Mars or transported from Earth. The plants would produce oxygen and recycle carbon dioxide, ultimately creating a kind of ecosystem.”



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